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Day Trips from Mombasa That You Should Consider Booking

Explore Beyond Mombasa: Unforgettable Day Trips with Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris

Are you ready to embark on a whirlwind adventure from the vibrant coastal city of Mombasa? Look no further than Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris, the best-rated travel agency in Mombasa, to make your day trips extraordinary. Mombasa’s enchanting charm extends far beyond its borders, and we’re here to guide you through some of the most exhilarating day trips that will leave you breathless with wonder.

1. Wasini Island Dolphin Safari 
Dive into the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and set sail on a Wasini Island Dolphin Safari. With Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris, you’ll witness the playful acrobatics of dolphins in their natural habitat. Our expert guides will ensure you have an up-close encounter with these mesmerizing creatures. Don’t forget your camera; this is a photo opportunity you won’t want to miss! Kindly note that swimming with dolphins is not allowed. 

2. Shimba Hills Nature Reserve 
For nature enthusiasts, a day trip to Shimba Hills Nature Reserve is a must. Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris will take you on a journey through lush rainforests, where you can spot diverse wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, and rare Sable antelopes. Hike to the stunning Sheldrick Falls and relish a picnic amid breathtaking scenery. Shimba Hills National Reserve

3. Mombasa’s Historical Charm 
Immerse yourself in the rich history of Mombasa with a guided tour of the city’s historic landmarks. Explore the fascinating architecture of Fort Jesus, wander through the bustling Old Town with its narrow alleys, and savor Swahili cuisine at local eateries. Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris will make your day in Mombasa’s past an unforgettable experience.

4. Tamarind Dhow Dinner Cruise
Indulge in an enchanting culinary journey aboard the Tamarind Dinner Cruise. Setting sail along the serene waters of Mombasa, this unique dining experience offers a feast for the senses. As the sun dips below the horizon, you’ll savor delectable seafood and international cuisine while enjoying live music and breathtaking views of the coastline. The Tamarind Dinner Cruise is not just a meal; it’s a romantic and gastronomic adventure that creates cherished memories against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

5. Tsavo East Day Safari
Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris as we take you on a Tsavo East Day Safari departing from Mombasa. Your journey begins in the early morning, we’ll whisk you away from the coastal city into the heart of Tsavo East National Park. Prepare to be awestruck by the park’s immense wilderness, teeming with iconic African wildlife, from majestic elephants to the elusive big cats. Our expert guides will navigate the savannah, ensuring you catch glimpses of these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. It’s a day of discovery and wonder you won’t soon forget, all made effortless and unforgettable with our dedicated team.


At Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris, we’re dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences that showcase the beauty, culture, and wildlife of Kenya. With our knowledgeable guides and top-notch service, you can trust us to turn your day trips from Mombasa into cherished memories.

Don’t let these adventures pass you by. Contact us today at 0706342287 to book your next unforgettable day trip from Mombasa. Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris – Where Every Journey is an Epic Adventure!

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